Expectant Parents
Learn The Ins and Outs of All Things Labor, Birth and Postpartum Related In Order To Have The Best Experience In Becoming New Parents
 Virtual Labor & Birth Consultation
For expectant parents who may need some professional help in planning for their labor & birth, while preferring no on call support during birth.
Labor, Birth, & Postpartum 
Doula Support
Utilize my knowledge and resources as a professional doula for over 15 years, to learn the latest comfort techniques for labor, help you create a birth plan, and receive evidence-based information to help you & your partner make the best informed decisions for your family.
 Doula Packages
We offer various packages in order to support your own unique way in which you would like to experience your labor, birth and postpartum.
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Our Coaching Support Will Guide You Through A Wonderful Labor, Birth & Postpartum Experience.
We know how profoundly beneficial it is for you to have a doula as part of your birth team. The unparalleled empowerment of a doula dedicated to you, comforting you, moving with you, breathing with you, positioning you, encouraging you, holding you and teaching your partner to do the same, helps facilitate a gentle rewarding birth experience for all.

This connection champions you to channel your inner strength and personal power, advocate for yourself, and be fully present, ensuring the satisfying labor and birth experience you seek.

Doula Support from Patty Moreno-Fletcher; Butterfly Babies NYC, holds the key to a wonderful birth experience with our Labor & Postpartum Doula Services.

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"Empowering birthing parents and their partners through a positive labor, birth, and postpartum experience."
Patty Moreno-Fletcher
Founder of Butterfly Babies NYC
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