Twins / Triplets born vaginally… why yes!

As my son was walking me to a meet and greet with a potential labor client recently, we had a conversation about why the C-section rate is so high in NYC. Apparently, my now 16 year old, was trying to figure out why so many of his friends were born via C-section. He came to the conclusion that maybe it was because they were twin or triplet births. As we continued to talk, he explained how he always noticed I come home with great birth stories, and many of them are about vaginal births. He wondered if it was because my work as a doula is so critical to the birth experience and outcomes my families have. My being a part of my birthing mommas birth teams, help drop the rate of medical interventions. Later in the evening, when I came home, I poked around a little and realized how many beautiful triplet births have actually been vaginal. I have known twins who have been born vaginally, but never triplets. Here is a link to such a wonderful triplet birth story! This conversation with my son just reitereated how amazing our bodies are!! Always revel in your greatness mamas!!

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