Doula Services by Patty Moreno-Fletcher

My services are fully customizable and take into account your family’s unique needs. I do, however, offer two basic types of care:

Labor & Birth

Two prenatal visits are included so we can discuss how best to keep you as comfortable as possible through each stage of labor. During these sessions, we will build a birth plan and go over possible medical interventions. Twenty-four hour phone support starting 3 weeks prior to your estimated due date is available and I will provide continuous support throughout your labor and delivery. Initial latch-on support for mothers choosing to breastfeed is given and one postpartum visit is also included.


Each home visit lasts a minimum of three hours and includes non-medical physical and emotional support. I offer tips on your post-delivery recovery, advice on how to successfully breastfeed, care for your newborn, baby-soothing techniques, meal preparation and I will provide referrals to additional services as needed. Overnight in-home sessions are available upon request, as is phone and email support (M-F, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.)

What people think of Butterfly Babies NYC

Patty is an incredible post-partum doula – she helped us so much in the first weeks with our baby, encouraging us, teaching us, and taking amazing care of us all. She is so gifted, I have given her as a gift to new moms!


Patty helped us achieve the natural, drug-free hospital birth we wanted–something we couldn’t have done without her. She knowledgeably walked us through what to expect each step of the way. During labor and birthing, she tirelessly kept me and my wife calm, focused and believing in our goal. Patty was invaluable even after our son’s birth, providing tips on breastfeeding, diapering and more. She covered everything!IMG_5758

Patty is like the older sister many of us wished we had: unconditionally
loving and supportive while full of constructive and useful advice and
guidance. She will always be an important part of our (14)

I honestly can’t imagine the births of my two boys without Patty’s presence. She gave me the confidence and relief I needed during each labor and also allowed me to achieve the natural birth I wanted with my second son. If I were going to have 10 children, I would ask Patty to be present at every one! Her commitment, energy and aura were invaluable to our family.

Celia Rondon

About Me

Patty Moreno-Fletcher

I was born into a family of five children, have given birth to three babies of my own, and have been attending births as a professional Doula for more than a decade.

Patty Moreno-Fletcher

I live on Manhattan’s Upper Westside  and am honored to work with women of diverse cultural backgrounds. My role as a Doula is to unconditionally support a woman’s decision making process and to empower you so that you can give birth in your own, deeply personal way. I am committed to support you and you partner throughout your pregnancy, labor and birth by fully encouraging the values you hold high for your birth experience. By providing physical and emotional support, as well as evidence-based information, I am able to help establish the environment for the delivery experience you desire.

As a DONA International trained birth and postpartum Doula, I can provide you and your family with the latest and most credible resources, enabling you to make informed decisions during life’s most profound moments.